New technology of Water Filters to the market

First Stage: Removes sediment, larger particles, turbidity, and impurities visible to the human eye.

Second Stage: The Euro Water Solutions limescale filter is designed specifically for drinking water systems. Because soft water (water that comes from a water softener) is by-passed at your source of drinking water, you could still risk finding a build up of limescale in your kettles or where ever else you use your drinking water. For that reason, all of our EWS drinking water systems come as standard with the RS-10C filter! No more replacing kettles and scum-free tea!

Third Stage: The third and final stage to your 3-stage filtration system consists of a concentrated carbon block filter. This final stage will enable your water to reach premium filtration, removing chlorine, viruses, bacteria, and lead.

The Ultimate RO system from EWS

The all-new Euro Water Solutions Reverse Osmosis system combines modern design and the latest technology, making it the number one Reverse Osmosis system available. Each year, water treatment experts are finding new contaminants and unwanted impurities in our drinking water. That is why it is important to ensure that your drinking water is always protected of unwanted and unknown impurities. However, whilst conventional Reverse Osmosis systems, which would typically be a 5-Stage filtration, completely purify your water of all unwanted contaminants, you would also be removing what you do want to retain from the water, such as your minerals. That is why we Euro Water Solutions has developed a 6th Stage!

To explain, the water purification process eliminates all unwanted contaminants, solid substances, large and microscopic molecules  from your water. Our final stage remineralises your water, ensuring that you retain all essential minerals from your water, such as Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc, for example. By the end of the process, your system will be delivering clean, filtered and odour free water straight to your kitchen tap. The EWS system also removes fluoride and chlorine from your water. You will really taste the difference when you install our system and will no longer need to purchase bottled water.