Water Softener Offer

The Premier Water Softener combines the latest in water softening technology and industry-leading design to deliver the most innovative water softener that the market has seen to date. The Premier uses a dual-system operation – metered and timed, which is the only way to guarantee soft water 24/7.

The unit also consumes over 65% less salt and water than standard alternatives, which will result in vast cost savings on an annual basis. The newly-launched Premier has been designed according to Irish water and universal architectural specifications, and has been considered to perform far greater than standard softeners by industry experts, with regards to efficiency, filtration, and performance.

The new Premier is the first to launch in the Irish market containing the latest 2020 technology. To explain, the Premier is the most compact dual-system softener on the market, meaning that you won’t be stuck for space under your kitchen sink. The softener also contains ultra-fine grain resin, which means that your home will benefit from the finest filtration. Furthermore, any internal plastic components that you would typically find on conventional softeners have been upgraded with ceramic materials for enhanced durability and efficiency.

If you wanted to upgrade your 3-Stage to a 6-Stage, then why not get the best of both worlds and pick the Premier X RO Package?  Not only will you enjoy the benefits of 100% limescale-free water with Premier Water Softener, but you will also be upgrading to the Rolls Royce of the filtered drinking water range! Euro Water Solutions’ Reverse Osmosis system combines modern design with the latest technology, making it the number one Reverse Osmosis system available.

Each year, water treatment experts are finding new contaminants and unwanted impurities in our drinking water. That is why it is important to ensure that your drinking water is always protected of unwanted and unknown impurities. However, whilst conventional Reverse Osmosis systems, which would typically be a 5-Stage filtration, completely purify your water of all unwanted contaminants, you would also be removing what you do want to retain from the water, such as your minerals. That is why we Euro Water Solutions has developed a 6th Stage!

The 6-Stage RO will eliminate all unwanted contaminants, solid substances, large and microscopic molecules from your water. Our final stage remineralises your water, ensuring that you retain all essential minerals from your water, such as Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc, for example. By the end of the process, your system will be delivering clean, filtered and odour free water straight from your new tap. 

Getting a water softener package, but don’t want a separate tap for your filtered drinking water system? No problem, simply replace your existing tap with the Triflow Tap to achieve both your standard hot & cold, as well as your new upgraded filtered drinking water in the one tap! 

The Custom Premier Package comes with all of the benefits of the Premier Water Softener, as well as any of the filtered drinking water systems which you choose with the upgraded Triflow Tap!