Saves Energy

According to Lyons, Ireland’s leading tea brand, the average Irish person consumes approximately 300 liters of tea a year. That’s a lot of tea and a lot of energy exerted by our trusted kettles. It’s easy to see why the Kettle is the largest energy consumer in the kitchen.

The Quooker COMBI tank is the most evergy efficient hot water heating with boiling fature in the world (yes, in the world) and has been awarded Energy label A. This is down to the high-vaccum insulation of the Quooker water tank, which stops the heat from escaping.

Therefore, very little energy (10 watts) is needed to keep the water in the tank at boiling point, making it a much more energy efficient alternative to the kettle.

Cost Effective

Although there is a higher upfront cost when purchasing a boiling water tap over a kettle, the cost of operating the boiling water tap is much lower. Quooker states that the cost of using the boiling tap is 1 cent per litre delivered or 3 cents per day.

Comparing this to the cost of boiling one full kettle (approximately 1.5 litres), which is 2.5 cents, there would be a significant reduction in yearly household expenses. Furthermore, the boiling water tap comes with the promise of longevity, with an average lifespan of between 15 and 20 years.

How a quooker works

How it works

The Quooker system consists of a small tank in the kitchen cupboard that is linked to the boiling water tap on the worktop. The tank acts like a vacuum flask connected to the water mains. The air in the insulated wall is so thin that the heat is unable to escape.

It therefore takes very little energy (just 10 watts) to keep the water in the tank at 110°C. The water only starts to boil when the tap is turned on and the temperature of the outflowing water drops to 100°C. While the water is flowing out of the tap, fresh water immediately flows into the tank.

Only boiling water, or hot water too?

If you only need boiling water, then the PRO3 (3 litres) or PRO7 (7 litres) is sufficient. But if you have a boiler that is more than six metres from your tap, the COMBI tank is a good choice. This produces boiling water (at a true 100°C). but also hot water (40-60°C, enabling you to save water and energy.

Discover the benefits

Nothing wrong with the good old electric kettle or whistling kettle. But when you list all the advantages of the Quooker, there’s no competition. This is why a Quooker adds so much to your household.

All from one tap

Quooker has two 3-in-1 taps: the Fusion and the Flex. Both models deliver cold, hot and boiling water whenever you want. Besides that, the Flex has a flexible pull out hose for hot and cold water, for extra reach in the sink.